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Fleming's football "REFRESHER" pack
includes ball flag, bean bag, elastic down indicator, signal card, 25 pack of game cards, mini pe..
Smitty OHSAA whistle bag
NEW for 2016...zippered bag to keep your whistles and accessories...7.5" wide x 7" high WITH SUBL..
FLEECE-LINED UA COLDGEAR is wind and water resistant.   NEOPRENE wrist cuff with custom fit ..
These gloves work great in weather that is about 30-40 degrees (Windy conditions).   A g..
Pocket pump with convenient pressure gauge.  Includes gauge dial, air release valve, two nee..
Line-up/Card Wallet
perfect for baseball/softball or football game cards ..
Smitty THROW AWAY Game Cards
25 pack of PAPER throw away game/info cards ..
TANDEM Ball Pressure Gauge (clock style)
Clock Style Pressure Gauge with release valve to easily adjust pressure. ..
Football Signal Card
includes all signals and yardage for each foul ..
Tandem Pocket Air Pump
Hand held air pump with release valve. Ideal for inflation of game balls. ..
Smitty RE-USABLE Football Game Cards
double sided ..
Smitty ELASTIC down indicator
black, velcro style ..
Smitty WRIST BAND down indicator
black, 3" wrist band style ..
Mini Mechanical Pencil
Pilot mini  mechanical pencil for use with info cards, line up cards, etc.... ..
Smitty NYLON chain clip
Nylon clip for sideline chains. ..
Smitty PLASTIC DIAL  chain clip
plastic dial style for use with sideline chains. ..
Football officials towel
black 16" x 26" lightweight and quick drying ..
 Football Offcials timer
Belt worn timer with TOGGLE SWITCH for back judge.  For both play clock and timeouts.  ..
DIAMOND Club Travel Bag
Durable and supple leather-like fabric.  25 x 12.5 x 12.5  Two end compartments and fro..
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